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BLOMDAHL CERTIFIED NURSES Ear piercing in your home by registered nurses

My name is Mindy Bellomy and I am the owner of EarResistible Piercing!

I have been a nurse since 1994. I have had the good fortune of working in many nursing specialties throughout my career, including school nursing, labor and delivery, women’s health, and palliative care/hospice to name a few. Nursing has given me the opportunity to care for many people of all ages. Now it has given me the opportunity to provide safe, in-home ear piercing.

Optimal Healing Our ear-piercing studs are designed to facilitate healing. They are light weight, putting minimal pressure on the hole as it heals. The earring back locks into position, allowing air to freely circulate around the hole as it heals. These are two important factors in a successful healing process.

Medical Grade Materials Our patented medical plastic ear piercing studs, as well as our medical grade titanium ear piercing studs, are the safest possible materials to be pierced with from an allergy perspective. This is science, not marketing nonsense.

Modern Aseptic Technique Single use, disposable technology is the only way to eliminate the chance of contracting a blood borne virus from an ear piercing. This technology is commonly used in all invasive surgical procedures, and is now being applied to ear piercing.


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Our business is LGBTQ+ Friendly and a Transgender Safe Space


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